The service is designed for the benefit of importers and exporters


Mackenzie Maritime traces its origin to one of the pioneer British companies in East Africa, namely Smith Mackenzie & Company. This company established in 1870 operated as a general merchant as well as agents of the British Indian Steamship Company. Later in 1950 Smith Mackenzie relocated to Kenya and operated as Mackenzie (K) Ltd. concentrating mainly in ship agency as well as stevedoring through a subsidiary company. Further changes in the Mackenzie Group saw the establishment of Mackenzie Maritime in the 70’s this time dedicated to mainly operating as a shipping and clearing agent providing transport and warehousing services as well.

Mackenzie Maritime has lately been acquired by MJ Group, following which it has replaced M/S Grain Hauliers Ltd., another MJ Group company involved in local transport, clearing, forwarding and warehousing services.

Unlike Grain Hauliers Ltd., Mackenzie Maritime is a private affiliate company of Grain Bulk Handlers Ltd. operating both short- and long-haul transport services to local and transit consignments. With an objective of facilitating clearing and transport logistics, the company offers clearing and forwarding as well as warehousing service both for grain handled through Grain Bulk Handlers Ltd. terminal as well as other cargo handled at the port of Mombasa, conventional and containerised.

Services are wide ranging and include:

  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Local shunting to various destinations
  • Warehousing of bagged and general cargo
  • Local shunting of containers to various depots
  • Hire of mobile cranes and lifts
  • Transportation of bulk or bagged cargo to destinations outside Mombasa by road or rail.

The transport wing of the company fleet consists of 20 Mercedes Benz AXOR tractor trailer units which are primarily used for local shunting business within Mombasa environs for all types of cargoes; bagged, bulk, containers and project cargoes and another of 20 Renault KERAX trucks for cross country transport. These trucks are suitably built for carriage of all types of cargoes and packages.

The company also intends to venture into other areas of transport, namely LPG tanks and liquid products, and is already communicating with reliable truck manufacturers and suppliers. This specialised transport unit will provide value added service to clients of MJ Group’s liquid bulk facilities at the port.

In the interest of improving service delivery, Mackenzie Maritime (EA) Ltd. has recently purchased some prime property in the industrial hub of Mombasa to cater for warehousing and storage of all types of cargoes. The warehouses are fully operational with functional railway sidings. Other warehouse locations have been taken on a long lease basis. The company currently has a total floor space of 500,000 square foot at its warehouses for both local and transit cargoes. It also operates a yard providing open storage facilities for ore, clinker, steel as well as containers.