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MJ Group acquired in early December 2005, all the assets of East African Molasses Company Ltd located at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), Mbaraki Wharf and transferred the said assets to a newly Incorporated Company aptly named Mbaraki Bulk Terminal Limited (MBTL).

MBTL is a multi product common user handling facility capable of handling bulk Bitumen, Diesel, Heavy fuel oil, kerosene and palm oil. It is the only terminal in East Africa that is capable of handling bulk bitumen.

With a total storage capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes, MBTL is one of the largest private facilities at the port of Mombasa whilst being the only terminal to have a dedicated berth with draft enough to handle vessels of up to 50,000DWT

Soon the port of Mombasa will be dredged and this will allow MBTL to handle vessels of up to 80,000 DWT. With room for expansion, MBTL offers a long-term solution to the highly congested berths that are shared between all other oil marketing companies. Furthermore, MBTL has the capability to service both road and rail networks for distribution.

MBTL has 37 employees.