A reknowned oil marketing company and a member of a fully intergrated group of companies



To increase the trading throughput of One Petroleum Limited (OPL) whilst minimizing operating costs through the use of years of expertise in the industry by the management and the strategic advantage of oil and gas handling facilities at our disposal with respect to Mbaraki Bulk Terminal Limited and African Gas and Oil company Limited; both being affiliates of the MJ group of companies.


  • Year on year growth in trade volumes complemented by access to more competitive pricing in the world market.
  • To add value to our customers supply chain by providing end to end logistical support thus enabling them to focus on business growth.
  • To capitalize on the port infrastructure owned and operated by the MJ group of companies.
  • To participate in promoting sustainable social and economic development of the country.
  • To incorporate the principles of professionalism, efficiency and risk management in the trading business, petroleum and LPG.

Company Profile

One Petroleum Ltd (OPL) is renowned oil marketing company and a member of a fully integrated group of companies (MJ group of companies) by having a country wide presence.

It is a subsidiary of Mbaraki Bulk Terminal (MBTL) which was incorporated in 2011to serve as a petroleum and gas trading arm of MJ Group of companies, with its headquarter in Mombasa and a branch office at Eldoret. OPL has a regional as well as country wide presence.

Society and environment

Beyond its core petroleum business, OPL believes in having a responsibility to make a positive impact in society. OPL sponsored its first social activity being the 2011 captains’ prize at the Nyali golf and country club which helped raise brand awareness and thus increase the company’s footprint within the local market. A recruitment process focused on empowering our own has enabled OPL to have a positive effect on the local communities by providing job opportunities and growth prospects.

The OPL advantage

In line with OPL’s business principles is the development of good working relationships with all stakeholders in the industry; Oil Market Companies (OMCs), service providers and the regulatory authorities alike, OPL has developed a reputation that embodies our core vision. At OPL we prefer, to partner with our customers and add value to their businesses that will allow sustainable growth for the future as well as have a positive effect on the communities concerned.


Entrance into the petroleum market and to date; it has obtained all the relevant licenses for its operations and signed an agreement with Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited (KPRL) for the processing of crude oil. OPL has also entered into a transport and storage agreement with Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) and obtained a line fill of 1000 M3.

Obtained membership in the Open Tender System in Kenya as well as membership of the Oil Spill Mutual Aid Group and thus acquired the capacity to serve both the local and the regional markets.

OPL has an enchanted reputation within the oil industry as an efficient and honourable company that never fails to meet its obligations, financially or otherwise. This is reflected in our relationship with the regulatory authorities.

OPL has to date achieved a satisfactory level of profitability and has created a niche of loyal customers that value quality service and efficiency and can rely on OPL to provide a just in time supply model.

Factors contributing to the growth of OPL.

OPL has managed to efficiently grow its trade volumes whilst minimizing costs caused by inefficiencies in the handling of vessels. This was made possible due to the aforementioned group terminal; MBTL. With a dedicated berth and a draft of over 10.5 metres, MBTL is capable of handling vessels up to 50,000 DWT which makes it the largest private import facility with a dedicated berth.

Effective risk management and the autonomy of the decision making process has enabled the company to capitalize on market fluctuations by reacting to market indicators and in turn taking positions that enabled the company to maximize its margins.

With the experience of the management and a good understanding of the market, OPL was able to capitalize on market fluctuations which in turn resulted in good operating margins for the company. The autonomy of the decision making process in OPL greatly aided the ability of the company to react to market indicators and thus take positions which allowed the company to maximize its margins.

Going forward

OPL has an aggressive growth strategy for both local and regional markets. Locally, we plan to expand our business in line with the growing demand for petroleum products which is expect to increase drastically as the country seeks to improve the prosperity of Kenyans by achieving a 10% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate by the end of 2012 in line with Vision 2030. The increasing demand for LPG, fuel oil and bitumen will allow us take further advantage of group owned infrastructure.